Voltron: Legendary Defender
Season 1 Uniform

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2017
Debut: Katsucon 2017
Convention History:
Katsucon 2017
Anime Boston 2017
Anime Boston 2018
Dragon*Con 2018
Katsucon 2020
Photo Castmates:
Keith: Majodere
Photo Credits:
Takashi Shirogane, better known as Shiro, is the Paladin of the Black Lion and commander of the five Paladins of Voltron. Charismatic and cunning, Shiro is a natural-born leader, commanding respect but also cultivating a familial bond between his teammates. Even before becoming a paladin, Shiro was famous for his outstanding piloting skills, as well as his mastery of martial arts and his extensive tactical abilities, causing other members of the team to look up to him as a hero.

Construction Notes:
I started out by hand drafting a pattern for the pants with custom seams which worked as the detail lines from Shiro's design. I used stretch suiting fabric to assemble the pants and made worbla-wrapped foam kneepads which were directly sewn on. The belt and hip pouches were store bought, but I got an extra long belt and cut off the excess to use as loops to attach the pouches. I also self-drafted a pattern for his vest, which I made out of black fleece and edged with bias tape, and paired it with a grey shirt from Underarmor. For the boots I bought a black pair that were close in shape, then removed and modified the cuff to be more accurate. I used Angela Leather Paint to add the grey details.

The piece that took the longest was Shiro's prothesis; I made a form of my arm using plastic wrap and duct tape, then cut off the form and drew out the patterns in Sharpie. I cut out the pieces and used them to create the shapes in worbla; I tried to use a minimal amount of heat and rely more on bending to keep the curves as smooth as possible. I embedded velcro inside the armor pieces to allow it to attach easily to my arm. For his hand I used a baseball batting glove as a base, and added worbla accents to the top, knuckles, and thumb. All of the parts were gessoed and painted with acrylic and rub n' buff. For his hair, I use most of my natural hair, but spray-in wash out black dye on the top and rub-in wash out silver on the sides. The font is a clip-on set of white bangs from Arda which Majodere styled. I really enjoy wearing this costume, it is comfortable and simple to get into.

Photoshoot Pics: