Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2011
Debut: Dragon*Con 2011
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2011
PortCon Maine 2012
Dragon*Con 2012
Dragon*Con 2013
PortCon Maine 2014
Arisia 2015
Dragon*Con 2016
Dragon*Con 2018
Halloween 2021
Photo Castmates:
Kate Beckett: Shiva
Photo Credits:
Richard Castle is a mystery writer from New York City who gained wealth, success, and notoriety for authoring several bestselling crime novel franchises. His current series revolves around Nikki Heat, a character inspired by real-life NYPD detective Kate Beckett, whom he consults with on real cases. Though he can be cavalier and immature, Castle's talents for investigation, speed-reading and knowledge retention paired with his uncanny ability to profile others, makes him a valuable addition to the NYPD investigation team. Charming and flirtatious, Castle and Beckett develop a mutual attraction and eventually a serious romantic relationship over the course of the series.

Construction Notes:
I've been a big Nathan Fillion fan since Firefly, and when I started watching his detective show, Castle, I thought it would be a simple cosplay to do. The shirt, suit pants, belt, and shoes are all straight out of my closet, but I felt that the costume would not be recognizable without the police vest - with the unique "WRITER" label - included. Before trying to make it, I did a little detective work of my own and managed to zoom in on a screen cap of the show enough to read the company logo on Fillion's vest. I looked up the company, and not only could I order a vest without the armored parts that would make it bulletproof, but I could order a custom label for the vest, immediately punching in WRITER. Although the show now uses different vests that appear to be custom made by their wardrobe department, I was thrilled to get this and it makes the costume immediately recognizable. When I wear it at cons, I also try to stop by a Starbucks to carry around Castle's signature beverage. This is always fun to wear even though the vest can get uncomfortably hot; at one con I even had someone give me their Richard Castle book to sign!

Photoshoot Pics: