Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2013
Debut: Dragon*Con 2013
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2013
PortCon Maine 2014
Halloween 2021
Photo Castmates:
Richard Castle: Sketch
Photo Credits:
Kate Beckett is the lead detective at the NYPD's 12th Precinct, specializing in homicide investigations. Smart, compassionate, and obsessively driven, Beckett chose a career in law enforcement after her mother's brutal murder went unsolved and Beckett became the youngest woman promoted to Detective 3rd Grade in the NYPD. Beckett first meets Castle while investigating a murder lifted from the plot of one of his books; as he begins to work with the team, Beckett is annoyed by his antics and infuriated at his recklessness. Ultimately his skills prove to be useful in solving the case and she comes to respect his contributions to their growing partnership and eventual relationship.

Construction Notes:
Sketch is a huge Nathan Fillion fan and he got me hooked the actor's popular detective show, Castle during its third season. Sketch had already cosplayed Richard Castle and really wanted me to be Beckett with him; she's a badass character and I love her hair, so how could I refuse? The shirt, suit pants, and shoes are all straight out of my closet, while the police vest is a real bullet-proof vest with the armored parts that would make it bulletproof – and expensive AND uncomfortable - removed. The vest is from the same company the show originally used for Castle and Beckett’s vests, which Sketch had figured out by zooming in on a screen cap from the show where it was possible to read the company logo. Although the show now uses different vests that appear to be custom made by their wardrobe department, these are still pretty close. I had plenty of choices for Beckett’s ever-changing hairstyle, but I picked her current long, wavy look to emulate. Overall its fun wearing these together and we are often recognized! This costume is also very comfortable, however it is easy to get overheated underneath the vest, especially during summer cons.

Photoshoot Pics: