The X-Files

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2009
Debut: Dragon*Con 2009
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2009
Dragon*Con 2012
PortCon Maine 2013
Dragon*Con 2018
Halloween 2012
Photo Castmates:
Fox Mulder: Sketch
Photo Credits:
Dana Scully is a medical doctor turned highly-respected FBI Special Agent who values science, evidence-based reasoning, and logic as her preferred investigative methods. She is partnered with Special Agent Fox Mulder, a former star agent turned renegade who relies on feeling and intuition, as well as his encyclopedic memory and knowledge, to connect far-flung clues and solve cases. Scully is initially assigned to the X-Files with the directive to use her scientific knowledge to debunk and undermine Mulder's work and pull him back into the Bureau mainstream, however she instead uses her skills to provide fact-based analysis of the cases, giving the files a newfound legitimacy. Although initially at odds, Mulder and Scully quickly develop a close personal relationship built upon mutual trust and respect, although neither give an inch when they disagree over their differences in perspective.

Construction Notes:
The X-Files was my all-time favorite television show as a teenager, and Scully was somewhat of a role model for me; I admired her intelligence, strength, shameless nerdiness, and her "I'm wearing fuck me shoes and a fuck you attitude" demeanor. I always knew I would eventually cosplay Scully, and when Sketch wanted an easy closet cosplay for Dragon*Con, it was the perfect excuse to put this together. The white button up shirt, suit jacket, suit pants, and requisite 3-inch black pumps were all in my closet as part of my regular work wardrobe. A red wig, gold cross necklace, and my natural ability to arch an eyebrow gave it just enough of a Scully look. Although not really fashioned after one of her specific outfits, it is close enough to any number of her nameless pantsuits worn over the years. I made FBI badges and IDs for both myself and Sketch by taking scans of the show's IDs off the internet, resizing them, and printing them out. Sketch found little wallet IDs and clip on badges at a military supply store which we put the printouts in. We had fun flashing the badges at the con.

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