Doctor Who
Wedding Dress

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2011
Costume Remade: 2019
Debut: Dragon*Con 2011
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2011
Dragon*Con 2012
Dragon*Con 2019
D*C Parade, Dragon*Con 2011
Photo Castmates:
The Doctor: Durandal
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The season that introduces the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond begins with Amy choosing to travel with the Doctor the night before her wedding to Rory Williams and culminates with their actual nuptials. The entire story arc for the season centers on this event, both emotionally as conflict between the main characters and narratively as the reoccurring cracks in the universe stem from a temporal explosion on Amy's wedding day. When the fateful day finally arrives, Amy, prompted by River Song's TARDIS-shaped diary, is able to restore the Doctor to the universe just in time to join the reception.

Construction Notes:
The dress Amy wears for her marriage to Rory is an actual wedding dress by British designer Ben De Lisi. Shortly after the episode aired, online groups quickly identified the dress and for years afterward, Who fans trolled eBay and other online resale sites trying to get their hands on one. I loved the dress, and when PatrickD decided to do the Doctor's wedding outfit for Dragon*Con 2011 and wanted me to join him for the parade, I had to agree. However, I was not able to win the internet lottery and snag myself the actual dress in time, so I made myself a facsimile. I bought a cheap second-hand A-line wedding dress online and painstakingly pulled off all the glass beading with an Xacto knife. I then set about shaping pre-made appliqués by hand to match Amy's pattern and glued them on individually. It was a hack job but it worked, and Patrick and I had a blast dancing along the parade route. I wore it one other time before the glue yellowed and it turned into a hot mess, but occasionally I'd still search for the real dress online. In the summer of 2019 I searched for it on a whim, and amazingly found one slightly bigger than my size. With Amy's tenure on Doctor Who now several years past, there was much less demand for the dress and I had no problem snagging it. I made a flowered veil to match, hand painting the pink flowers on the comb, and Sketch made me a gorgeous version of River Song's diary to carry with me. I absolutely loved wearing this dress despite the fact most people think I'm Donna (or a real bride) when wearing it at cons, and I can't wait to wear this again and again. I might even have it professionally resized as it is a little big.

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