The Lord of the Rings
Blood Red Dress

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2005
Debut: Halloween 2005
Convention History:
Another Anime Convention 2007
Formal Ball: Another Anime Con 2007
King Richard's Faire 2010
* Staff-Vote Hall Cosplay Award
Another Anime Con 2007
Photo Credits:
Arwen, the youngest daughter of Elrond, was considered to be the fairest of the last High Elves of Middle-Earth. Her nickname, Evenstar (Evening Star), alludes to her being considered the light of a dying generation. Arwen, like all of the half-Elven, was allowed the personal choice of an immortal life as an Elf or a mortal life as a human. Unlike her father who chose to retreat to the Undying Lands as an immortal, Arwen chooses a human life after falling in love with the human Aragorn, heir to the throne of Gondor. As the battle against Sauron rages, the light of the Eldar begins to leave Arwen as she begs her father to reforge the sword of Narsil and deliver it to Aragorn.

Construction Notes:
Arwen's Blood Red Dress from The Return of the King is my second favorite of her costumes, which she wears when she asks her father to reforge the sword for Aragorn. It is also known as her "Dying Dress" since it is at this point that Elrond sees the light of the Eldar fading from her and Arwen confirms that it is too late for her to change her choice; no matter what Elrond might want her to do, her fate is tied to Aragorn's at this point. This arguably convinces Elrond to take the sword to Aragorn, but there is much debate if it is accurate to say she was actually dying. Like Arwen's Coronation Gown I did not make this; this gorgeous dress was a limited edition high quality gown created by Museum Replicas Ltd. It is made out of red and midnight blue velvet, with gold embroidery along the neck and sleeves. It laces up the back, and is incredibly heavy, with the sleeves weighing several pounds each. It remains lighter than the Coronation Gown, but not much. despite the weight, it is very comfortable to wear, especially in cooler weather. This is another costume I'd like to wear more often!

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