Sailor Moon
Winter School Uniform

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2016
Debut: Dragon*Con 2016
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2016
Anime Boston 2017
Dragon*Con 2018
Photo Credits:
Lionel Lum
Rob Scholz
Rei Hino is a teenaged girl who is discovers she is the contemporary incarnation of Sailor Mars. Dignified, strong-willed, and hot-tempered, Rei is fiercely dedicated to justice and takes her duties, be it as a student, a shrine maiden (miko), or a sailor senshi, extremely seriously. Rei's lifelong dream is to become the head priestess at Hikawa Shrine, and much of her life is influenced by spirituality. In her human form, Rei develops strong psychic skills which is is able to use untransformed. Unlike the other girls, Rei attends a private girls' school and therefore wears a different school uniform.

Construction Notes:
Rei is my second favorite senshi after Chibiusa, and she has my favorite school uniform. There are so many conflicting color schemes for this outfit; I saw some cosplayers using a more brightly-colored palette for this costume and felt it looked a lot nicer than the more muted greyscale versions, so I I decided to go with a light grey fabric for the jacket and a brighter red and brown scheme for the collar/skirt. I I started with Rei's jacket, and could not find a double-breasted jacket pattern. Instead, I heavily modified Simplicity 1558, which I also used for my Tsubasa double-breasted black and red jacket. Instead of actually closing in the front like the Tsubasa jacket, however, this one was designed to slip over the head. The jacket was then made with a heavy grey cotton, fully lined with two false side pockets and one real breast pocket. I used leftover red fabric from Rei's scarf to make the monogram for her private school as an applique, which was fused on and then edged in satin stitching. The brown fabric for the collar and skirt required several trips to neighboring Joanns' stores as nobody seemed to have a bolt of it with an uncut 3.5 yard length for the skirt. When I finally found one the pressure was on not to screw up so of course I'm not thrilled with how the skirt came out, which is a hand-patterned box pleated square skirt with a side zipper. i may take it apart and give it another stab down the road, but the rest of the outfit I'm pretty happy with.

Photoshoot Pics: