Sailor Moon
Super Senshi Chibi Moon

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2007
Debut: Anime Boston 2007
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2007
PortCon Maine 2007
Another Anime Convention 2007
Bakuretsu Con 2007
Hall Contest, Anime Boston 2007
Masquerade: Another Anime Con 2007
Masquerade: Bakuretsu Con 2007
* Best Performance, Advanced Division
Another Anime Con 2007
* Best Advanced Craftsmanship
Bakuretsu Con 2007
Photo Credits
Cat Dancer
Chibiusa's Super Senshi form first appears in the Dream Arc of the series after she meets and forms a relationship with Helios, a guardian of the Golden Kingdom of Earth. Helios has been trapped in the body of an alicorn named Pegasus by the Dead Moon Kingdom and he appeals to Chibiusa for help. As their relationship develops, it is strongly hinted that Helios becomes Chibiusa's prince in the future, analogous to Usagi's relationship with Mamoru.

Construction Notes:
This was my first Chibiusa costume, and I choose the Super Senshi version because I liked the combination of colors and because the Dream Arc in SuperS was my favorite of the series. This was my first fuku, and one of the most complex designs I had tried at the time when I was still 100% hand sewing my costumes. I had no idea what I was doing; I had never even made a circle skirt or sewn box pleats before, so I relied heavily on Lynleigh's sailor fuku patterns and advice on her cosplay site. I started with a premade leotard, and choose matte white casa for the skirt and pink and red crepes for the collar, skirt trim, and bows. A heavier pink casa was used for the butt bow. I couldn't find an appropriate yellow fabric, so I hand-dyed strips of white cotton using Rit dye for the skirt. Following Lynleigh's instructions I cut the circle skirt and hand stitched the yellow stripe and then sandwiched the bottom and hand top-stitched the pink stripe onto the hem. I then pinned and sewed the box pleats and sewed the entire skirt to the hip roll, a tube stuffed with batting. The skirt attached in the back with snaps and the seam was covered by the bow.

The bows and collar follow Lynleigh's pattern and even today I'm pretty impresed with how well the ribbon I used for the three stripes on the collar came out considering it was entirely done by hand. However I'd never heard of interfacing and the bows and collar were pretty limp and needed to be held up with snaps. The heart accents are plastic Christmas ornaments painted pink and attached with Velcro. The rings on the gloves and sleeves are stuffed with batting. The odango accents were bought; they are cast in resin and mounted on craftfoam and are extremely heavy; I struggled to get them to stay on. The wig was a terrible ordeal and made twice. I used Katie Bair's Petting Zoo tutorial, parting it down teh back and sewing in wefts. I made ponytails and stubbed them. I hollowed out egg-shaped styrofoam balls for the odangos and painted them pink before threading through the extensions, which I glued down with hot glue. I then sewed the odangos on to the base wig and inserted the ponytails. I shaped the ends, curled the bangs, and sewed some of the ponytail hair to the odagos to give the ponytails more fluff. It looked like total garbage the first time I wore this at Anime Boston; I made it again that same year, adding more hair which improved the situation. I remember it still being horrible although looking back on it, it was pretty descent for 2007.

Photoshoot Pics: