Sailor Moon
Princess Small Lady Serenity

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2013
Costume Remade: 2017
Debut: Katsucon 2013
Convention History:
Katsucon 2013
Katsucon 2017
Anime Boston 2017
Photo Credits:
Yenra Photography
In the future Crystal Tokyo, Chibiusa is Princess Serenity, heir to the Moon Kingdom throne. To distinguish her from her grandmother, Queen Serenity, and her mother, Neo-Queen Serenity, she has the nickname "Small Lady." In the manga, all of the sailor senshi have princess forms, each with a unique design, while in the anime, only Usagi and Chibiusa are shown in princess form and Chibiusa wears a duplicate version of her mother's dress.

Construction Notes:
I always preferred the manga adaptation of the princesses and I was thrilled to wear AkaneSaotome's costume for a princess senshi group with Tess and AkaneSaotome at Katsucon 2013. After a trip to the Sailor Moon Expo in Tokyo in 2016 I was inspired to finally make this for myself. When I first approached this design, I decided the bodice needed to be stiffer than just plain fabric, and decided to make a corset bodice. I patterned a narrow boned bodice, which I then covered in two top layers and two lining layers of interfaced pink cotton in Chibiusa's scalloped pattern, which was closed with satin stitching. This was the most time consuming aspect to make everything line up, but it allowed me to create a clean and sharp bodice. The skirt is a two-tier gigantic circle skirt; the under layer is made from casa satin and the top layer from a silky overlay which is gathered in tiny knife pleats at the waist. The sleeves were made from stiffer casa, serged into half moon shapes and top stitched together before being sewn to the bodice. The back bow is made entirely of leftover skirt fabric, with the giant bow threaded with wire to keep its shape. I hand-sewed the pearls to the waistline of the dress using heavy duty fishing line for strength. After ten years of cosplaying Chibiusa and making her wig to varying degrees of failure no less than four times, I decided to bite the bullet and have it commissioned. This wig was made by Ms. Rae Cosplay and it is amazing! I made the pearl hair accents using hairclips with plastic pearls hot glued on. The necklace was made by AkaneSaotome from the Katsucon 2013 group. I absolutely love how this came out, and I adore its full skirt even though its is a pain when actually walking around a convention.

Photoshoot Pics: