Sailor Moon
Eternal Senshi Chibi Moon

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2010
Debut: Anime Boston 2010
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2010
Anime Boston 2011
Dragon*Con 2011
Anime Boston 2012
The Chibi Project, Anime Boston 2012
Photo Credits:
Judith Stephens Photography
Only Sailor Moon reaches her Eternal Senshi form in the anime, but in the manga, all of the senshi, including Chibiusa, evolve into their Eternal form during the Stars arc. Chibiusa's power evolves when her crystal transforms into the Pink Moon Crystal, allowing her to achieve her Eternal Senshi form. It is assumed this is Chibiusa's most powerful iteration.

Construction Notes:
The Eternal fukus are my favorite senshi design and I was excited to make Chibiusa's; this costume was made during my first year using an actual sewing machine and it was only the second sailor fuku I'd made at the time. The base is a matte spandex leotard from Discount Dance Supply with a double circle skirt made from casa matte satin stretch-stitched to the waist. The skirts were knife pleated and hemmed to be shorter on the sides than the front and back. The sleeves are Simplicity 4015's poofy sleeve pattern and their edges, as well as the edges of the gloves, are stuffed with quilting batting and top-stitched to create the raised shapes. The bows and collar follow Lynleigh's pattern and attach to the fuku using snaps. My favorite part of the Eternal design next to the poofy sleeves is that it does not have the raised hip roll/butt bow, so to finish the skirt I stretch-stitched the ribbon onto the top hem and tied it in the back. Our Sailor Saturn made all of the tiaras and star brooches for the group.

For this costume I decided to remake my Chibiusa wig for a THIRD time, starting with a 24" clip-on ponytail wig and removing 12" from each ponytail. The excess was then used to cover the syrofoam eggs for the odangos. I really like using eggs for Chibiusa as they give her odangos the right shape. I then sewed the odangos on to the base wig and inserted the ponytail clips into the styrofoam. I did a little more tweaking and was pretty happy with how this came out compared to my previous versions, though I reused all the hair accessories from my Super Chibi Moon. The feather wings I had hand made in 2006 and were recycled from my Amano Rinoa costume. Finally I made the Kaleidoscope wand from a curtain rod and a styrofoam heart which I painted and decorated with various accents. I'd love to remake this costume with my current skill set and wig and reboot the Eternals group; we had all the senshi but never got everyone in one place at the same time for a group pic!

Photoshoot Pics: