Small Wonder

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2014
Debut: Dragon*Con 2014
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2014
Arisia 2015
Katsucon 2015
PortCon Maine 2015
Dragon*Con 2015
Dragon*Con 2019
Halloween 2014
Photo Credits:
VICI, an acronym for Voice Input Child Identicant, is an android invented and built in secret by robotics engineer Ted Lawson in hopes of creating a line of robots to befriend and assist handicapped children. Modeled after a 10-year old girl, VICI is brought home to the Lawson family to allow her software to mature, and Ted and his wife raise her as their daughter Vicki alongside their human son, Jamie. Despite her distinctly robot voice (unless mimicking others), occasional superhuman feats, and regular misinterpretation of human idiosyncrasies, Vicki does learn and adapt quickly, is constantly offering ways to improve on human inventions, and has a sassy sense of humor.

Construction Notes:
As a kid in the 1980s I loved this admittedly terrible sitcom, and I was surprised I'd never seen anyone cosplay VICI at Dragon*Con. When I found red polka-dotted cotton fabric at JoAnn's I decided it would be fun to cosplay her myself! Using my trusty Simplicity 4015 pattern, I made a fully-lined poofy skirted dress, and edged the sleeves and collar with knife pleats. It was very easy except for the collar, which didn't want to fit properly and had to be darted in the front and back. I self-patterned VICI's apron out of white cotton and edged the hem and straps with pleated eyelet trim. The bow at the back of the apron is made in a sailor senshi style with white cotton backed with interfacing and attaches to the back of the costume with snaps. To make the costume recognizable as VICI, I decided to leave the back of her dress open halfway to reveal her open control panel. Sketch made the panel, which is two old computer circuit boards dressed up with small LEDs and EL wire and mounted on foam board. The battery packs are hidden behind the board and the lights can blink in several patterns. The socks and shoes are store bought, and for the hair I pulled back my real hair into a ponytail, and then attached a clip-on ponytail for volume which is dyed to match my hair. This costume came out really cute and so much fun to wear! People definitely recognize her when they see the control panel, so its the only costume I've ever worn where I most often pose for photos facing away from the camera!

Photoshoot Pics: