Rainbow Brite

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2012
Debut: Dragon*Con 2012
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2012
Dragon*Con 2013
Katsucon 2016
Photo Castmates:
Rainbow Brite: Shiva
Stormy: Majodere
Tickled Pink: Gale
Red Butler: Iceman and Doug
Lala Orange: Sweet Pea
Canary Yellow: Sabine and Ryan
Patty O'Green: Ellystar
Shy Violet: Scarlet
Moonglow: Chinako
Photo Credits:
Doug Wilder
Lionel Lum
Buddy Blue is one of the Color Kids awakened by Rainbow Brite. Peace-loving and calm, Buddy is Rainbow Land's steward of the color blue and he, along with his color sprite Champ, lead the blue sprites in coloring the skies, oceans, and other blue hues of the kingdom. The athlete of the group, Buddy excels in sports and works hard organizing physical activities, athletic programs, and sporting events in Rainbow Land. He also enjoys music and plays the tuba.

Construction Notes:
Shiva's directive for this group was to walk the line between being true to the spirit of the original characters but also to make the costumes look natural (and realistically proportioned) on full-grown adults, which was challenging with Buddy Blue's design. I ended up basing my design on a combination of the original and a more modernized fanart version of him which utilized contemporary athletic wear. That allowed me to use real workout clothes as a base and made this costume super comfortable since I basically get to run around in sweat pants and a T-shirt.

I made the weight-lifting belt from scratch, and added star accents to several parts of the costume. I also found Buddy Blue's sprite, Champ, on eBay and dressed him up with his own forehead sweatband for good measure. I found two foam stars in the bargain bin and stuck them on a headband to make sprite ears to be funny; its fun to add them to this light-hearted costume. This was another nostalgia group which I under-appreciated the fanbase for before cosplaying from it; we were mobbed for photos when we wore these and people were so genuinely excited to see us. This is always an easy and enjoyable costume to wear and it's fun to do this group with our friends.

Photoshoot Pics: