Rainbow Brite

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2012
Debut: Dragon*Con 2012
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2012
PortCon Maine 2013
Dragon*Con 2013
Katsucon 2016
Anime Boston 2016
Photo Castmates:
Stormy: Majodere
Tickled Pink: Gale
Red Butler: Iceman and Doug
Lala Orange: Sweet Pea
Canary Yellow: Sabine and Ryan
Patty O'Green: Ellystar
Buddy Blue: Sketch
Shy Violet: Scarlet
Moonglow: Chinako
Photo Credits:
Doug Wilder
Lionel Lum
Rainbow Brite is a young girl named Wisp who fulfills her destiny when she defeats the King of Shadows, awakens the Color Kids, and liberates the Color Sprites. Assuming the title Rainbow Brite, Wisp, along with her new allies, transforms their grey, desolate world into the beautiful kingdom of Rainbow Land. Brave and compassionate, Rainbow Brite is always willing to help others in need and fight darkness wherever it may take hold. Tasked by the Sphere of Light with making the world brighter and hearts lighter, Rainbow Brite and her companions work to spread color and defend Rainbow Land from the King of Shadows and his compatriots.

Construction Notes:
I loved watching Rainbow Brite as a little kid, so much so that one of my early birthday parties was Rainbow Brite-themed! I've always wanted to make her outfit, and when my friends agreed to be the Color Kids with me, I just had to do this! When designing the outfit it was important to me to keep the '80s look and cartoonish feel of the costume but also to adjust the proportions to ensure it was not too goofy or unrealistic-looking, especially when being worn by an adult. For the blue jumper I modified a Simplicity sundress pattern, altering the angles of the skirt so it came to a "V" in the front and back. I used two layers of matte cotton fabric for the jumper and paired it with a shiny white satin for the trim so that it would pop. To give it the depth and stiffness I wanted, the trim is two layers of satin sandwiched around craft foam. The shoulder "wings" and wrist cuffs were also made with fabric-wrapped foam for stiffness. The neckline is yellow bias tape accented with red glass gems, and the red belt/suspender combo is burlap covered in red cotton for weight, and the rainbow is a satin-stitched appliqué I made separately and then fused onto the belt.

The sleeves were the most challenging part; I sewed strips of cotton fabric together to make rainbow patterned fabric and then cut the sleeve pattern on top of that. I double-layered the fabric and packed it with quilting batting, then top-stitched each stripe to get the "poof" effect. I then sewed the sleeve seam - which took several attempts before the colors lined up with each other - before attaching the finished sleeve to the jumper. I used a similar technique on the boot covers, which was equally frustrating trying to get the color stripes to line up at the seam. The boot covers slide over a pair of red rain boots which are accented with craft foam and star buttons. Her hair bow is bias tape with an attached star button, and I paint on her star cheek tattoo each time I wear it. I absolutely LOVE how this came out, and it was a blast to wear with all of my friends. We were so colorful, so comfy, and so adorable, and absolutely mobbed the first time we were all together. This is also fun and comfortable to wear solo as well. As it ages some parts are in need of repair; I hope to redo the skirt and the belt appliqué before I wear it again.

Photoshoot Pics: