Crash Bandicoot

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2014
Debut: Dragon*Con 2014
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2014
Katsucon 2015
Halloween 2015
Photo Credits:
Coco Bandicoot is the younger sister of series protagonist Crash Bandicoot. Fearless, resourceful, and extremely intelligent, Coco often assists Crash either as a computer programmer hacking digital obstacles or as a mechanical engineer, inventing and assembling technologically advanced gadgets to accomplish a physical objective. Occasionally Coco jumps into the action herself, often accompanied by her pet tiger Pura and the overprotective Aku Aku.

Construction Notes:
In 1997 my brother and I were obsessed with the original Crash Bandicoot and the character Aku Aku, who we called Ooga Booga after the sound effect which accompanied his activation. For years I'd wanted to make an Aku Aku prop, and decided to cosplay Crash's sister Coco to go with it. The costume itself was pretty straightforward; the shirt, overalls, and shoes were store-bought and I sewed pink buttons onto the overalls to match Coco's shoes. I used a yellow Jeannie wig from Arda and made her hair clip from worbla, iridescent paint, and a glass gem. For her laptop Sketch spray painted my old Apple iBook bright pink and removed the hardware inside to make it lighter to carry around. For Aku Aku I patterned him out in poster board to ensure I was happy with all the shapes before transferring them to the final materials. The mask itself is two pieces of thick foam board which I painted light brown and then went over with darker and lighter paint to create the "wood grain" texture. For his face I cut all of his features out of craft foam to give them a three-dimensional look, with the eyes covered with clear plastic domes to give them depth. The feathers are painted poster board and I placed a wooden dowel between the front and back panel of the mask to easily carry him around, floating on the dowel. Overall, I LOVE how Aku Aku came out. The first time I wore this I was so thrilled to have people shout "Ooga Booga!" at me; people were way more excited to see Aku Aku than me as Coco, and I am totally OK with that. Ooga Booga is the best!

Photoshoot Pics: