Care Bears

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2019
Debut: Dragon*Con 2019
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2019
Photo Castmates:
Grumpy Bear: Scarlet
Good Luck Bear: Ellystar
Photo Credits:
Cheer Bear is one of the ten original Care Bears. Cheerful and exuberant, Cheer Bear looks on the bright side of life and tries her hardest to share her optimism with others and motivate those who are feeling down. Her tummy rainbow symbolizes hope and has the power to create and manipulate rainbows to suit the situation at hand. Her best friend is Wish Bear, however she also spends much of her time finding new ways to cheer up Grumpy Bear, much to his annoyance. Rather than be dissuaded by his sarcastic attitude, Grumpy's reluctance just encourages Cheer Bear to try harder!

Construction Notes:
When Ellystar decided to get a Care Bears group together for Dragon*Con, I had a hard time picking my favorite; when Scarlet decided to be Grumpy, however, it sealed the deal for me to be Cheer Bear and spend the whole time annoying her! We decided to do all of the costumes with white T-shirts trimmed in our bear's colors with an overall jumper and an iron-on tummy symbol. Since Cheer is a girl, I decided to make my jumper a skirt as opposed to shorts on the bottom; I bought the shirt and corduroy jumper and altered the skirt to fit the way I wanted. I decided to pair my design with pink fur bear ears and paw gloves which I bought on Etsy, and I used a red Sailor Moon heart brooch which I pinned on the back of my skirt for the Care Bear butt heart button. I bought a pair of white Mary Jane shoes which I painted pink with leather paint, and added a pair of pink fur leg warmers. Finally to tie in the "rainbow" look a bit more, I added a rainbow hairbow to her ears, which I matched to a pink curly ponytail wig. Overall I threw this together pretty last minute and I absolutely love how cute it came out! It's comfy and easily recognizable. I hope we can get some more friends together to do some more of the bears in the future!

Photoshoot Pics: