Original 1980s Character Design

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2010
Costume Remade: 2011, 2019
Debut: Dragon*Con 2010
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2010
Dragon*Con 2011
Katsucon 2014
Dragon*Con 2014
Dragon*Con 2019
Photo Castmates:
King Kandy: Sketch
Princess Lolly: Majodere
Grandma Nutt: Ellystar and Scarlet
Jolly: Jamila Sisco
Mint: Chinako
Photo Credits:
Queen Frostine of the Ice Cream Sea rules Candyland along with her husband, King Kandy, and their daughter, Princess Lolly. The most powerful member of the kingdom, Frostine controls the forces of ice and snow via her legendary snowflake staff and oversees all frozen confections. Ethereal yet kind, Frostine remains unfazed by Lord Licorice's attempts to destroy Candyland, confident that no matter what evil plot is unleashed, Candyland will sparkle again.

Construction Notes:
Candyland was my favorite game as a kid, and I loved getting the cosplay squad together to do this group. We wanted to follow the original character designs from the 1984 edition of the game, which were the ones we grew up with. I chose to do Queen Frostine, and this costume has gone through several iterations. The original version in 2010 was an ice-blue prom dress accented with white satin "frosting" stuffed with quilting batting, a foam crown and wooden snowflake staff; it was successful enough but I wasn't satisfied. In 2011 I remade the dress from scratch, using a deep royal blue casa satin and pairing a corset top with a circle skirt bottom. I gave up on the three-dimensional frosting and instead made a flat appliqué of white satin on the corset and a white satin overskirt with a scalloped edge for the gown. The crown was made from a chef's hat I hand-dyed blue and worbla trimmed with glass gems. The staff was upgraded to a clear plastic snowflake stuffed with LEDs, mounted onto a painted PVC staff and with decorative accents to hide the battery packs. I was happy with this version and wore it for years.

In 2019 I decided Queen Frostine was overdue for a complete remake; my sewing skills had improved and I had new ideas for making the frosting. I also felt there was nothing in the costume that spoke to "ice cream," which is her true theme. I started with my own circle skirt pattern which I had perfected for large, bell-shaped princess skirts and heavy blue satin. Inspired by making Princess Daisy earlier in the year, I modified Simplicity 8476 for the corset portion and Sketch and I engaged in an extended game of trial and error to mock up three-dimensional frosting accents on the corset and skirt. When we finally were satisfied with the sizes, number, positioning and pleating, we made them from white casa. In order to give the frosting a confectionery look, I hand-sewed large plastic pearls among the folds to create a cupcake-like feel. I also commissioned a pair of custom blue ice cream shoes with waffle cone heals from FairyDustToes on Etsy; even though they don't show unless I'm walking I love the quirky quality they add to the costume. For the crown I ditched the chef's hat and made the bouffant from hair instead. I re-patterned the tiara to fit around the poof and Sketch built it from foam, worbla, and LEDs so that the glass gems all light up. The staff I resued but replaced the old LEDs with modern ones which don't require large battery packs, so we could remove the tacky add-ons which hid the old ones. I absolutely love how this new version of Frostine came out but I am still tweaking it; I have never been happy with the wig on this costume and this version is no different. I plan to rework the crown and hair before its next wear.

Photoshoot Pics: