Vocaloid 01 Version

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2009
Debut: PortCon Maine 2009
Convention History:
PortCon Maine 2009
ConnectiCon 2009
Another Anime Convention 2009
Another Anime Convention 2010
Anime Boston 2011
ConnectiCon 2011
Masquerade, Another Anime Con 2009
* Best In Show
Another Anime Con 2009
Photo Castmates:
Kaito: Sketch
Photo Credits:
Miku Hatsune is a 16-year-old pop idol and the mascot for the second generation of Vocaloid software released by Crypton (version 01 as opposed to the first generation, version 00). The most popular of the Vocaloid software characters, Miku is often depicted as the star of the group, with an energetic, positive, and determined to take on the world personality. She is most often partnered with Kaito for male/female complementary vocals and with Luka Megurine for female vocals.

Construction Notes:
When I first saw Miku's design in 2008 I thought it was adorable and had to make it! The most difficult part was the top; it is a highly modified corset pattern with four darted panels in the front and three in the back, and a button up shirt collar pattern for the neckline and an invisible zipper down the front. I mocked up the top numerous times before touching the gorgeous, shimmery silver fabric I had found online months before. I only had a few yards with no way to get more, so I didn't want to mess it up. The top is lined with grey cotton and interfaced for stiffness I decided to do a ruffle trim as opposed to pinked edging to make the teal color stand out more, so I made the trim by cutting strips of teal fabric and knife pleating them before sandwiching the trim between layers of the top. The accents were done with gold and teal metalfinish cardstock which I glued on and the "Vocaloid" lettering was remade letters bought at Michael's and glued on.

The skirt is a store-bought black pleated pleather skirt and petticoat with painted-on teal edging and gold cardstock accents. The side belt is a teal belt with darker accents painted on while the tie is store-bought and the accents made from black plastic and glued on. The boots are a combination of pleather thigh high boot tops cut off from the stiletto heal bottoms which I then hand-sewed onto a pair of small-heeled black shoes. I then painted the soles of the shoes teal and sewed the "piano key" accents on the side of the boots. The headphones, ponytail accents, and light-up synthesizer sleeves were bought online; the sleeve panels are sound-sensitive, so they light up to the rhythm of music or even speech near them. The battery packs are large and uncomfortable, however, so I'd like to splice the panels onto a smaller more modern battery pack before wearing this again.

Photoshoot Pics: