Vocaloid: Project DIVA
Blossom Kimono

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2019
Debut: Katsucon 2019
Convention History:
Katsucon 2019
Anime Boston 2019
Photo Castmates:
Miku Hatsune: Shiva
Rin Kagamine: Scarlet
Luka Megurine: Majodere
Photo Credits:
Marlo Louden Photography
Luka Megurine's Blossom Kimono first appears in Project DIVA: 2ND and subsequently has been incorporated into eight Project DIVA titles, becoming one of her most recognizable alternate costumes. It's rich colors and sultry design were intended to evoke the images of peony blossoms, and it was originally designed to be partnered with Miku Hatsune's Butterfly Kimono.

Construction Notes:
After I successfully remade my Miku Butterfly kimono I asked two of my friends if they wanted to wear matching Luka Blossom and Rin Flower costumes as a group. Since the design for all three was fundamentally the same, I offered to make them so they would all match and made both at the same time, assembly-line style. For Luka I picked out a heavy maroon polyester with a slight sheen for her jacket to give it an elegant feel and tempered it with plain black and purple cotton. I used my modified McCall's 2940 kimono pattern for the jacket and lining, and my own pattern for the sleeves. Unlike Miku, where I made two full sets of sleeves, I cheated a bit to save on fabric and made only partial sleeves starting at the elbow for the under layers to give the illusion of three sleeves. Two long strips of black and purple cotton were interfaced and folded over for the collar. The circle skirt was made from the same black and purple fabric as the sleeves, and the purple skirt was airbrushed with pink paint to achieve the gradiant. The hair accessories were made with leftover materials from the jacket, using the black and maroon fabric for the large bow and the purple cotton for the flower piece, which was also airbrushed and sewn onto a fabric red rose from JoAnn's. I found some fancy gold fabric to use for obi, which is heavily interfaced and I hand drew the flower appliqués before cutting and fusing them to the obi. Sketch did the tiny satin stitching on the obi flowers before I put the obi together. The shoes were bought online, but I used extra fabric from the costume to remake the ankle parts as the colors they came with clashed with the shades I'd chosen for the fabric. Finally I bought gold folding fans online from Japan to use as a dancing prop for all three of us, which helped bring them together!

Photoshoot Pics: