Super Mario Bros.

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2015
Costume Remade: 2019
Debut: PortCon Maine 2015
Convention History:
PortCon Maine 2015
Anime Boston 2019
Dragon*Con 2019
Photo Castmates:
Princess Peach: Ellystar
Princess Rosalina: Scarlet
Photo Credits:
MegAnne Photography
Princess Daisy is ruler of Sarasaland and a more outgoing, cheerful, and tomboyish character than her counterpart, Princess Peach. Portrayed as athletic and highly competitive, Daisy has no qualms about boasting about her own abilities and often has less traditionally girly outfits than her fellow Mushroom Kingdom princesses. Though often rumored to be the romantic interest of Mario's brother, Luigi, their relationship is portrayed as mostly one-sided on Luigi's part.

Construction Notes:
Originally Ellystar made me a quick Daisy costume to match her Peach for PortCon Maine 2015; we wore the dresses for only for a few hours before completely wrecking them to create post-apocalyptic versions. I enjoyed being Daisy so much, however, I decided then to remake the costume properly for myself. I used Simplicity 8476 for the top half of the costume, but I took down the sleeves a few notches because they were cartoonishly large. I also did not like the A-line skirt which came with the pattern as an A-line makes absolutely no sense for a princess gown, so I used my own circle skirt pattern for the bottom half. I was adamant about doing a full two-tier skirt, each with an orange hem, rather than a single skirt with two orange stripes. I absolutely love how the skirt sways and flows! Other than doing what felt like miles of hemming for the orange stripes and serging, this was very easy to make, with the exception of the scalloped trim for the neck and gloves, which I messed up several times and was overall a giant pain in the neck to do.

I wanted to give Sketch a break from making my accessories so I bought my crown, earrings, and brooch from SwordArtWorkshop on Etsy; they are very high qualify and I love the crown and earrings especially, though I do wish the brooch were a bit larger. I also had the wig commissioned by NobodySpecialties on Etsy as I do not remotely have the wig stying skills for a Mario Princess wig. Finally I rounded out the outfit with a pair of very comfortable orange leather pumps and an orange lace umbrella. This costume is super comfortable to wear and I love being Daisy, though I do often get confused for Peach. Wearing this costume around kids is awesome but requires being mentally prepared to be GAME ON IN CHARACTER as at Dragon*Con I got bombarded by children for hugs, photos, and conversation only slightly less often than I did wearing a full-on Disney princess costume. I also got to wear this costume with my own kiddo as Toad, which was so cute and fun!

Photoshoot Pics: