Chrono Cross

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2012
Debut: Anime Boston 2012
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2012
Katsucon 2013
Anime Boston 2017
Photo Castmates:
Serge: Krixels
Lynx: Sketch
Photo Credits:
Lionel Lum
A.G. Vask
Riddel is the elegant, reserved daughter of General Viper, raised in the sheltered but socially restrictive environment of Viper Manor. She catches the eye of Dario, a young Dragoon whom shel comes to admire and finds they share a love of Bellflowers, which they steal away together to collect. They agree to marry but Dario is tragically killed before they wed. After the siege of Viper Manor, Riddel works to rebuild the mansion and convert it into an orphanage, of which she becomes the caretaker.

Construction Notes:
I originally decided to cosplay Riddel because I loved her color scheme; there are so many variations to her colors in the reference imagery that no two Riddel cosplayers are remotely the same palette-wise, and I liked the freedom that came from coordinating the fabric colors as I pleased. I decided to go for using the rich, bold colors of her in game images and pair it with violet hair from the game art to create a combination I liked best. I settled on a lime-green crepe for the dress, for which I used a heavily modified Butterick wedding dress pattern, taking in the seams at least a half a dozen times. It was my first attempt making a fishtail-style silhouette and it was a challenge to shape it properly. Originally it had a zipper closure, but I took this out and replaced it with a back lace-up design to make it more adjustable. The bell sleeves were patterned by hand as well as the petals and their blue designs. All of the appliqué petals on the skirt and sleeves are four layers of fabric fused together and painstakingly satin stitched. It was important to me to stay true to the reference art and have the petals of the dress laying flat on the ground when standing, which made walking difficult without tripping. To fix this I added a low, oblong hoop petticoat layer to the bottom of the skirt. The headband is handmade from leftover dress fabric and matching blue ribbon, and the viper I made from Sculpty, painted, and screwed otto the headband base. Sketch made my Rainbow Rod staff from a PVC pipe spray painted silver and accented with black electrical tape, topped with carved from insulation foam covered in worbla which was then spray painted and clear coated.

Photoshoot Pics: