Chrono Cross

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2005
Costume Remade: 2012
Debut: Anime Boston 2005
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2005
Anime Boston 2012
Katsucon 2013
Anime Boston 2017
Masquerade, Anime Boston 2005
Cosplay Chess, Anime Boston 2012
* Best Performance
* Best Craftsmanship, Master's Division

Anime Boston 2005
Photo Castmates:
Serge: Krixels
Riddel: Shiva
Photo Credits:
Lionel Lum
Lynx, the main antagonist of Chrono Cross, is a sadistic, manipulative demi-human and the biological emissary of the FATE supercomputer. Lynx was once an ordinary human and loving family man, but after coming into contact with the Frozen Flame his mind was corrupted by FATE, slowly transforming both his personality and his appearance. FATE has tasked Lynx with restoring the supercomputer's connection to the Fozen Flame, a goal Lynx pursues with ruthless violence and wanton destruction.

Construction Notes:
My original version of Lynx was only the second cosplay I ever made back in 2005. Although it came out really well, as my skills were refined I choose to completely remake it in 2012. Both versions used almost the same construction techniques and materials, but the execution was neater the second time, with crisper lines and more well-proportioned scaling. The tunic and cape are both entirely self-patterned, but on the second attempt I enlarged several pieces and added interfacing where none had been on the original. To prevent the costume from appearing flat since it is almost entirely black, I used varying thicknesses and textures of fabric to make it look more dynamic, including both shiny and matte vinyl, bottom weight, cotton, and polyblend materials and contrasting mattes and shine wherever possible. The hat is built with craft foam and then wrapped in fabric; the armor plate on its front is made from polystyrene spray painted gold. The gold accents were individually hand made with bendable Sculpey and glued into place.

For the feline parts of the costume I used gloves for the hands and glued on fake nails and fur, while the face is done with a "beast model" prosthetic from Each time the prosthetic is worn the fur has to be re-applied by hand, and over time the prosthetic deteriorates and needs to be replaced, which is a huge drawback and leads to lengthy prep time each time i wear this. The scythe prop I use is still the original I made in 2005, which was done by layering plywood and routing grooves. I gold leaf painted the main body of the scythe, and used tin leaf for the blades, and then airbrushed the rest to get an organic circuitry pattern. The gems were made from balsa wood and some cord and fabric wrapping finished off the look. Despite its age and the wear and tear it has suffered, this is still one of my favorite props.

Photoshoot Pics: