Final Fantasy IX

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2006
Costume Remade: 2014
Debut: Anime Boston 2006
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2006
Anime Boston 2007
PortCon Maine 2007
Anime Boston 2014
PortCon Maine 2014
Anime Boston 2015
Masquerade, PortCon Maine 2007
Masquerade, Anime Boston 2014
* Performance Judges' Award
PortCon Maine 2007
* First Place Performance, Master's
Anime Boston 2014
Photo Credits:
Ruby is a sassy barmaid who moonlights as actress and dancer with the Tantalus Theater Troupe. Unlike the other members of Tantalus whose primary objective is using their performances as a distraction for picking pockets, Ruby's goal is to pursue her dream of being an actress. It is implied that she has a tumultuous romantic relationship with fellow Tantalus member, Blank.

Construction Notes:
I originally made this in 2006 based off the Amano artwork, and it was pretty terrible by today's standards. In 2014 we wanted a Ruby for our Anime Boston skit, so I used the excuse to remake it for my friend Scarlet. I originally used a circle skirt pattern and casa satin for the skirt, which made the asymmetrical hem difficult. For 2.0, we selected a more accurate green-blue cotton fabric, which I lined and had Scarlett knife pleat as a rectangle. The diagonal hemline was an easy cut on this shape, and a zipper closes it at the seam. The old waist cincher was a real corset, but for 2.0 I modified Simplicity 2172's corset pattern and made the cincher from scratch using grey bottomweight fabric. It's fully lined and interfaced on both sides to give it stiffness without boning. I edged it with bias tape and it closes with a snap and a belt Scarlett bought. Ruby 1.0 used a pirate blouse, but the new bodice is McCall's M6322's sundress pattern, modified to open in the front. Simplicity 1558's pattern was used for the sleeves; the trim on the sleeves was gathered into knife pleats and the seam covered in brown bias tape before they were closed and attached to the bodice. The headband/bow were made almost the same, except on 2.0 Scarlett top-stitched bias tape onto the bow section to create the white stripe pattern and left out the interfacing for a floppier look.

The old necklace was a ribbon and earring, but this time we used strip of brown bias tape with a snap. I never made gloves for the old Ruby, but the new one has gloves that I trimed with ruffles and bias tape to match the sleeves. I even added tiny brown bows using the senshi bow method! Originally I used to wear my real pointe shoes for Ruby, which was painful at best. For 2.0 we found pink ballet flats which look like pointe shoes shape-wise, to which I attached my old pointe shoe ribbons. We got new white tights and I bought a gray wig which is more accurate than the platinum blonde one from the original. The only costume piece which survived the remake is the tambourine, which I had painted blue and attached ribbons to for Ruby back in 2006. I love how Ruby 2.0 came out, and luckily Scarlet and I are close enough in size that we can share it!

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