Final Fantasy IX

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2014
Debut: Anime Boston 2014
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2014
Anime Boston 2017
Masquerade, Anime Boston 2014
Cosplay Chess, Anime Boston 2014
* First Place Performance, Master's
Anime Boston 2014
Photo Castmates:
Captain Steiner: Sketch
Photo Credits:
General Beatrix is the top military commander of the Alexandrian Army, loyal to both the royal family and the people of Alexandria. A natural leader and skilled swordswoman, Beatrix commands respect and demonstrates little patience for incompetence. Beatrix maintains a long-standing professional rivalry with Captain Steiner, leader of Alexandra's Knights of Pluto, however their deepening personal relationship is a major side-plot during the events of the game.

Construction Notes:
I started with the jacket, modifying McCall's 6818 which is one of Regina's jackets from Once Upon A Time. After several mockups to get the shape I wanted, I made the jacket from heavy white cotton/poly blend and bright red polyester, both of which had a nice sheen to them to give the air of upper class fabric. Plastic ties were sewn into the bottom of the tails to help maintain the shape. Before putting in the red lining The red rose on the back of her jacket was made from scrap fabric and the details stitched on with freehand satin stitching. The jacket closes at the front with a zipper to ensure a snug fit, and then buckles closed over the zipper. The shorts were patterned by hand and are made using leftover fabric from the jacket. They are also lined in red and closed on the sides with ribbon ties. The brown gloves are fingerless ones i found online. When I first made this costume in 2014, Sketch made me a belt out of real leather which I then finished in foam accents, and all of my armor for the arm and eyepiece were made out of craft foam. The boots were modified go-go boots without the armor accents, and I made the wig out of wefts wrapped around cardboard tubing and then glued into the wig, which worked moderately well.

When I fixed up this costume in 2017, the leather belt was the first thing to go; although it looked cool, it was much too heavy and the leather dye discolored parts of my white jacket. Instead the new belt was made from foam covered in faux leather fabric and accented with worbla. It is further reinforced with heavy duty snaps to my jacket to keep it in place. All of the arm armor and the eyepatch were redone in worbla and updated with age painting. Worbla armor was also added to the boots. The wig came out well the first time, but I didn't like the color and thought the curls could have been larger. To redo it, I bought a lighter brown wig from Epic Wigs, and cut out the curls from the first wig. I then rolled the old curls into the new wig, wrapping them in the lighter hair. The new wig not only blended into the old curls perfectly, covering up the fact they have different colored hair underneath, but also have them the volume they needed. i love my new wig! Finally, Sketch made me the Save The Queen sword to go with my costume, which we never got to the first time. Now I finally feel like my costume holds up next to Sketch's awesome Steiner!

Photoshoot Pics: