Final Fantasy X

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2015
Debut: Anime Boston 2015
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2015
Katsucon 2016
Anime Boston 2016
Katsucon 2017
Anime Boston 2017
Anime Boston 2018
Katsucon 2019
Photo Castmates:
Summoner Yuna: Chinako
Summoner Braska: Sketch
Summoner Ginnem: Scarlet
Photo Credits:
Joseph Fox Photography
Summoner Belgemine was a high summoner who was killed on her pilgrimage to defeat Sin. She remains in Spira as an Unsent, making her home in Remiem Temple and challenging summoners to battles in hopes of improving their skills and aiding them in avoiding the defeat she suffered. A devout follower of Yevon, Belgemine is mature and serious, but hints at a playful facet to her personality which has been shrouded too long in sadness. Despite her regrets about her failed journey, she is not resentful and is optimistic that another summoner will succeed in her stead.

Construction Notes:
I set about creating this costume and a matching Summoner Ginnem in 2015; although Belgemine is a very minor character in Final Fantasy X, I loved her Bevelle-style outfit and color scheme, and thought I had a good idea on how to make her dress' unique shape come to life. I heavily modified McCall's 2940 kimono pattern to create a three panel jacket with a circular bottom hem. A dark green bottomweight fabric was used for the main coat with light green cotton and bias tape being used for the details. There was a lot of measuring to make sure all of the lines were correct when the jacket was closed. The sleeves are an original pattern with a poof gather at the top. The gradient was air brushed onto aqua green cotton strips using two shades of green paint, and row after row of yellow bias tape was topstitched down to create the diamond pattern before the sleeves were lined and attached to the jacket. The obi is cotton stiffened with two layers of interfacing and bias tape accents. The tie is scrap orange fabric attached to a bead made from worbla, colored with acrylic paint and finished off with a red tassel.

The dress is made from olive green cotton and is a combination of a steel boned corset on top and A-line skirt on the bottom. The diamonds on the skirt were made the same way as the sleeves. The feathers were made from two yard-long strips of white casa with each feather cut out along the strip like a paper doll and run through a serger before being sewn to the tulle of the petticoat. The gloves were made from scrap, and the bindi is a necklace charm found at JoAnns. Sketch made the ear cauls from worbla, insulation foam, caulk, and hair combs. For a prop, I decided the Nirvana staff would be the most appropriate stave for Belgemine since she plays such a critical role in helping Yuna obtain it, and for all we know it once belonged to Belgemine. Sketch carved the Nirvana out of insulation foam and covered it in worbla, adding gems cast from green resin. It's attached to a wooden pole with worbla accents, and painted with acrylics and clear coat. It's gorgeous! This project was a lot of painstaking work, but every approach worked on the first try and I couldn't be more thrilled with the result. It's also comfortable to wear, although it's difficult to hear; I love this costume so much I can see myself wearing it for the rest of my cosplaying career.

Photoshoot Pics: