Final Fantasy VIII
Amano Ballroom Artwork

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2007
Debut: Anime Boston 2007
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2007
Cherry Blossom Ball
Photo Credits:
Bruce O'Bryan Photography
Final Fantasy character artist Yoshitaka Amano created two versions of Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly; not only do his interpretations of their default outfits appear in several pieces of art, but he also created this painting of Squall and Rinoa's dance from the SeeD graduation ball. In Amano's scene, Rinoa's cocktail dress is floor length and pairs a yellow skirt with a bright pink top and matching pink shoes. Rinoa appears as a blonde as she does in his other drawings of her, however her hair is swept into an updo and accented with flowers.

Construction Notes:
In 2007 I decided to cosplay this rather obscure version of Rinoa for Anime Boston's Cherry Blossom Ball; I really loved the color scheme and thought it would match the event well. I also liked that by making this costume, I would have cosplayed all versions of Rinoa, something that was also a bit of a cosplay trend at the time. I already had a very short pink dress which I used for the top, and then made the bottom skirt out of a pale yellow casa using a floor-length A-Line dress pattern. For the hair decorations I painted a hair clip and a pair of hairsticks gold, and set them off with a hot pink flower and ribbon. The necklace used a gold ring and chain I had lying around, and the hot pink shoes I already owned. As a finishing touch, I decided Rinoa should have painted wings; none of my roommates were around when I was getting dressed for the Cherry Blossom Ball, so I painted on the wings in the back myself using a mirror - they came out well considering! This costume was fun because it was such a unique thing to cosplay; despite that I was recognized by many at the ball, which speaks to how popular Amano designs were at the time. As a costume, however, this thing is a hot mess and I never wore it again. This would be fun to redo with some actual effort just to see if anyone knew what it was!

Photoshoot Pics: