Final Fantasy VIII

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2005
Costume Remade: Planned 2021
Debut: Anime Boston 2005
Convention History:
Anime Boston 2005
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Ellone Loire is the 22-year-old adopted daughter of Raine and Laguna Loire, from the Galbadian village of Winhill. Born with extrasensory abilities, Ellone has been hunted for most of her life by various groups who wished to harness her talents; when she was two, Ellone's birth parents were killed for refusing to hand over their daughter to Estharian soldiers. As an adult, Ellone attempts to use her unique powers to reunite the only family she can remember: Laguna, Raine, and their son Squall.

Construction Notes:
Ellone is an intriguing character; she's mysterious and her story arc serves as the lynchpin that ties the various threads of the plot together. This costume was originally created entirely from found items for a friend to wear to my first convention with me; I found the blue sweater vest with a white button-up shirt collar on eBay, as well as a pencil shirt and green pashmina. I only wore it once before gifting it to her as a thank-you for accompanying me! Although this isn't a character I would cosplay often, I had often thought about pulling another version of this together. In 2019 I found the perfect pair of shoes for Ellone in a thrift store and decided to redo this; once again the skirt and shawl were found items, while the sweater vest top was altered to add a zipper in the front and a white collar.

Photoshoot Pics: