Final Fantasy V
In-Game Version

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2018
Debut: Dragon*Con 2018
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2018
Katsucon 2020
Photo Castmates:
Faris Scherwiz: Ellystar
Photo Credits:
Lenna Charlotte Tycoon is princess of the kingdom of Tycoon and heir to the throne despite being the youngest daughter of the King. Lenna becomes one of the four Warriors of Light when her kingdom's crystal is destroyed. Courageous, altruistic, and confdent in her own abilities, Lenna has a strong sense of duty and is a natural diplomat, yet she recklessly puts herself at risk for the sake of others.

Construction Notes:
After making Lenna's Amano version many years ago, I'd been interested in making her in-game sprite design for a while, but finally decided to do so as a quick, easy, and comfortable costume to wear for Dragon*Con 2018. Still recovering from pregnancy and with an infant taking up most of my time, the simplistic and easily adjustable nature of the design was also appealing. To make this even easier, I started with a cheap, floor-length halter maxi orange dress, which I shortened to bring it above knee-length and added a serged hem. I then designed the armor pieces, which included two wrist gauntlets, a shoulder/neck piece, and waist accents. The original 16-bit sprite isn't detailed enough to really determine what the armor pieces look like other than that they are gold and contain red gems, so I took a lot of artistic license with the design. Once there was a pattern I liked, Sketch cut them from foam and wrapped them in worbla, and I added the gems and carved in the artistic vine designs with a sculpting took while the worbla was still pliable. I then sealed them with modge podge, Sketch did a base coat of gold paint, and I went to town aging the armor and adding tarnish and other paint details. They were then clear-coated with a matte finish, and leather cording was added to the gauntlets to secure them. The waist accents were added to a store-bought leather belt.

Lenna does not have a cape in the original game but a lot of fan art includes a white one and I thought it added something to the outift; securing the cape also made securing the shoulder armor easier, so it was a two-pronged solution. Finally I found two crystals at Joanns which Sketch turned into necklaces for both myself and Ellystar who had decided to wear Lenna's sister, Faris, with me; these turned into the sisters' matching pendants. Overall this costume served its purpose and is fun and easy to wear even if nobody recognizes it; I added glass potion jars to the belt the first time i wore this and want to keep adding accessories and small details each time i wear it.

Photoshoot Pics: