The Legion of Super Heroes

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2015
Debut: Dragon*Con 2015
Convention History:
Dragon*Con 2015
Dragon*Con 2016
Dragon*Con 2018
Aquarium Party, Dragon*Con 2016
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The Emerald Empress is the leader of the villainous group The Fatal Five and the wielder of the immensely powerful Eye of Ekron. Ruthless and desperate for power, the Empress, originally known only as Sarya, discovered the Eye within the ruins of the Ekron civilization on her home planet of Venegar. Forming a symbiotic relationship, Sarya used the nearly limitless power of the Eye to conquer her homeworld in only a matter of hours and crown herself the Emerald Empress.

Construction Notes:
I grew up reading silver age DC comics and my favorite was the Adventure comics series, The Legion of Super Heroes. I was obsessed with group and especially loved that they had a girl as a leader (Saturn Girl, at the time), while the Emerald Empress was my favorite super-nemesis. I'd always wanted to wear their costumes, and jumped at the chance to be Emerald Empress for Dragon*Con. There are many variations of her character and her costume, but I based my version on the original silver age design I had grown up with. The costume was mostly an exercise in alteration; the base dress is a severely altered A-line sheath knee-length dress which was sewn to a steel-boned corset at the neckline to give the top a form-fitting shape. The sheer white blouse, as well as the boots, tights, wig, gloves, and black bikini bottoms were bought from various thrift stores and online. The cape was self-patterned using a dark green cotton fabric I found at JoAnn's and backed the collar with two layers of interfacing to ensure it could stand up. The tiara is worbla with a resin gem in its center. The belt is black craft foam covered in worbla with hollowed out casings to hold green gems Sketch and I cast in resin. LEDs were inserted into the gems and Sketch wired them inside the belt so I can make the emeralds light up with the flip of a switch.

The Eye of Ekron ended up being the most challenging part of the costume; the first version was a store-bought rubber ball which we spray-painted white and painted on the eye details with acrylic paint. It looked cool, but was too large and the spray paint never completely dried, giving the Eye both a realistic sheen and sticking it permanently to the glove I carried it with. It also picked up anything it touched, and was disgusting by the end of the weekend, covered in wig hairs, carpet fibers, dust. etc. The Eye, as well as the glove it was stuck to, ended up in a trash can in Centennial Olympic Park before Dragon*Con ended. For Eye of Ekron 2.0, Sketch found a round hollow styrofoam ball which opened into two pieces for easy packing. We coated it in Mod Podge before painting it, and Sketch added magnets so it locks together when I'm carrying it around, which works out much better! When I first wore the Empress I didn't think anyone would know who I was, but whenever I wear her I have lots of people shout "The Emerald Empress!" or "The EYE OF EKRON!" and more importantly I get to meet and chat with a lot of Legion fans, which makes me love this costume even more!

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