Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2008
Costume Remade: 2013
Debut: ConnectiCon 2008
Convention History:
ConnectiCon 2008
ConnectiCon 2009
Dragon*Con 2013
Anime Unscripted, ConnectiCon 2008
Masquerade, ConnectiCon 2009
* Second Place, Performance
ConnectiCon 2009
Photo Credits:
Poison Ivy is an eco-terrorist who uses her poisonous touch, mind-controlling pheromones, enhanced physical abilities, and supernatural control over plant life in the pursuit of criminal activity. Originally a botanist and biochemist named Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, Poison Ivy was experimented on and nearly killed with plant toxins until she became toxic herself. Having developed a hatred for humanity and a preference for the company of plants, most of Ivy's crimes center on protecting the environment.

Construction Notes:
I grew up reading silver age Detective comics and watching Batman: The Animated Series on TV, and my favorite series villain was Poison Ivy. I knew if I ever cosplayed a Batman character, it would be her, so when the oppertunity arose I took it. This costume was a lot more time-consuming than I first anticipated; the top is a steel-boned corset covered in ivy leaves I bought on clearance from JoAnn's; I spent hours snipping off each individual leaf, separating them into piles based on size, and then arranging them layer by layer, ensuring the design was correct before hand-sewing and fabric gluing them down. I arranged the leaves to create a sweetheart-shaped bust line and added several rows of leaves down past the bottom edge of the corset to overlap with the short bottoms. Instead of doing a leotard, it was much easier to combine a corset with a pair of shorts, which blend together seamlessly with all the leaves attached. I bought a pair of green shorts and hand-sewed each leaf onto those as well, shaping the fabric as I went until I was satisfied with the fit.

The gloves are store bought with leaves sewn up the edge of the wrists and the necklace has a real necklace underneath with leaves glued to it to create an interesting shape. For the boots I originally made a pair of leafy boot covers, but when I remade the costume in 2013 I took a pair or black boots I had that I didn't care much for, cut the front into a "V" shape, and then meretriciously glued down the leaves to the boots and shellacked them down with Modge Podge. For the 2013 version I also realized last minute I couldn't find my Ivy wig, so in a pinch I bought the only suitable wig I could get in time for the con which ended up a lot poofier than I would have liked. However I decided to go with it and threw some extra leaves and flowers into it to add to its already wild look. I enjoy this costume and would like to tweak it a bit more before wearing it again.

Photoshoot Pics: