Witch Hunter Robin

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2020
Debut: Katsucon 2020
Convention History:
Katsucon 2020
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Robin Sena is a "craft-user," a human within which witchcraft abilities have awakened. Her innate skill is in pyrokinnetics, and at a young age she was sent to an Italian convent where her skills were honed in hopes she could be trained to hunt down and capture or kill others of her kind. Quiet and reserved, Robin joins STN-J, a shadowy organization of professional Witch Hunters, and is partnered with veteran hunter Amon. Although he mistrusts her at first. Amon is impressed by her abilities and helps her improve her craft. Their relationship is tested when her abilities exceed what STN-J considers to be acceptable and Robin is hunted by the same organization who trained her.

Construction Notes:
Robin had been on my cosplay list since 2006, and she bubbled back up the surface when I was thinking of a warm, comfortable costume to wear for Katsucon 2020 and stumbled upon some amazingly soft charcoal grey stretch suiting fabric at Joann's which was perfect for Robin's dress. I snatched up six yards; enough to make a large, full circle skirt with a folded hem and train in the back sitting over a hoop skirt with a built in train. I modified Simplicity 8476 for the bodice, adding in a false center seam with an elastic sewn into the backing and stitching pulled taught to create the illusion of a ruched seam going down the front. I used Simplicity 2172 for the sleeves, serging the ruffled edge. The dress closes in the back with an invisible zipper and is topped with a self patterned collar edged with a stretch lace. The black jumper is a circle skirt with a split in the front and hemmed to be longer in the back than the front; though the reference images showed that it went straight across in the back, the lengthened back looked nicer with the train skirt. The top half is self-patterned and lined, with a zipper in the back and false buttons in the front. The necklace Sketch made from resin and worbla threaded with a leather cord, and the wig is a Chibi from Arda Wigs which I styled to create her unique ponytails and wrapped them in wine-colored bias tape. Her jacket and gloves are store-bought; the leather for the jacket was too red and new looking so I used a brownish leather paint wash to age the coat by hand, which came out great. I'm absolutely in love with how this costume came out and how much fun it is to wear!

Photoshoot Pics: