Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Red and Black Artbook Suit

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2009
Debut: ConnectiCon 2009
Convention History:
ConnectiCon 2009
Katsucon 2015
Katsucon 2016
Masquerade, ConnectiCon 2009
* Best Group Craftsmanship
ConnectiCon 2009
Photo Castmates:
Sakura Kinomoto: Majodere
Tomoyo Daidoji: Shiva
Photo Credits:
Kurogane is the most powerful ninja in Japan, having learned swordsmanship from his father. After Fei-Wang indirectly causes the death of his father and murders his mother, Kurogane went into a rage, killing without mercy. Princess Tomoyo intervenes, sending him through the dimensional portal on a journey to discover his true strength, even as he seeks revenge on Fei-Wang.

Construction Notes:
I made Kurogane for a friend's masquerade skit group back in 2009, and at the time I didn't have a ton of sewing experience. It was my first time doing a suit jacket (or any jacket with lapels, for that matter), which I made from black suiting fabric and lined with bright red heavy bottom-weight fabric. Although it came out looking good I could do it way better now, so I'm tempted to remake it now that Shiva has a matching Tomoyo. The red shirts, black pants, black ties, and gold finished buttons were store bought and picked out by the group so they would all match. The shoes were a black pair I found that had Kurogane's unique rectangular shape; I painted the soles red with enamel spray paint. When I first wore this I was still permanently dying my hair for cosplay as opposed to wearing wigs; at the time it was a good thing since the black dye covered up a horrible teal mistake from my previous cosplay venture. When I've worn this more recently I've opted to use a spray-in black dye which washes out after use.

Photoshoot Pics: