Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2020
Debut: Katsucon 2020
Convention History:
Katsucon 2020
Photo Castmates:
Jiraiya: Sketch
Photo Credits:
Joseph Fox Photography
Lady Tsunade is the Hokage of Konoha Village and an accomplished ninja; she, along with Orochimaru and Jiraiya, formed a formidable team during the Second Shinobi World War, earning them the title "The Legendary Sannin." Blunt and short-tempered, Tsunade routinely indulges her vices, drinking heavily and gambling recklessly which always ends in misfortune. Despite all of this, she takes her responsibility to protect Konoha seriously and would give her life for the village.

Construction Notes:
I was never much of a Naruto fan but Tsunade is such a wonderfully flawed, kick-ass character, and Sketch has been cosplaying Jiraiya for so many years that making Tsunade felt long overdue. I started by using the same modifications to McCall's 2940 as I did for my Vocaloid kimono jackets to make the vest, but making additional adjustments to accommodate the sleeveless design and lower neckline. The vest is fully lined grey cotton with traditional kimono sewn on both sides to keep it closed. Black bias tape was topstiched onto the collar for the black lined design and the collar was interfaced before being attached to the vest. For the green jacket I didn't want to use a traditional haori pattern because I wanted to create the full, flowy look her jacket has in various animated sequences and art, and the haori doesn't drape like that in real life. instead, Sketch helped me modify his Butterick 3468 pattern for a Victorian Santa coat, which created a fuller circular drape to the jacket when I moved. I never would have guessed that pattern would have worked, but it did! The jacket is a light green cotton and fully lined, with an interfaced darker green cotton for the collar. For the back symbol I found a reference image, enlarged it and cut it out to make a pattern, then cut it out of leftover fabric in our scrap bin, fused it to the jacket and Sketch satin stitched the outline before I added the jacket liner. The pants, shoes, and necklace are store bought, her forehead diamond was made by starlitcreation on Etsy, and Majodere helped style the gravity defying bangs on the lacefront wig. Overall I love this costume; its very comfortable and fun to wear.

Photoshoot Pics: