Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Magical Girl Outfit

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2014
Debut: Katsucon 2014
Convention History:
Katsucon 2014
Arisia 2015
Katsucon 2015
Anime Boston 2015
Photo Castmates:
Homura Akemi: Ellystar
Sayaka Miki: AkaneSaotome
Mami Tomoe: Gale
Kyoko Sakura: Cimorene
Photo Credits:
Starrfall Photography
Christa Newman Photography
Madoka is an average teenage girl from a loving family who dreams of being special. Her life is disrupted when she is contacted by Kyuby, a cat-like creature who pressures her to make a contract with him and become a magical girl, a wish which could fulfill her desires. As she struggles with the decision, she meets other magical girls who have already made their contracts, and learns the truth about the dark, disturbing world which she is entering and the unimaginable price which must be paid.

Construction Notes:
I first discovered this series in 2011 via the AMV "Mahou Shoujo Requiem." I loved the complete deconstruction of the magical girl genre as the show cleverly and horrifically twists the tropes of Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura. I chose to make Madoka as I loved her magical girl design and how it completely clashes with the grittiness of the show itself. This outfit was deceptively difficult to make. I modified the corset in Simplicity 2172's pattern to drop the waistline, add a side zipper and a sweetheart neckline, and added accent ruffles using a ruffle foot for the very first time! Sketch created the petal skirt pattern for me using Adobe Illustrator to model the connecting leaves; he also added the subtle white gradient on the petals for me with an airbrush. Rufflebutt Cosplay's tutorial was a godsend for the petticoat, though I used fewer layers: five chiffon skirts and four tulle skirts. Each layer was stacked and attached to a three-inch-wide elastic band. The top circle skirt is knife pleated at the waist and gathered between the petals in a handful of places at the bottom and a ruffle attached to the hem. It poofs out so much I also made a pair of bloomers to wear under it using Simplicity 2777. Sketch made my amazing flower bow and arrow out of wood, cast resin, and bought floral accents. I won the internet lottery by finding the perfect red shoes which already had the criss-cross straps and my soul gem egg was store-bought and lights up.

Photoshoot Pics: