Full Metal Alchemist

Costume Stats:
Costume Completed: 2006
Debut: Otakon 2006
Convention History:
Otakon 2006
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2006
Anime Boston 2007
PortCon Maine 2007
Cosplay Chess, Anime Boston 2007
Photo Credits:
Kevin Lillard, A Fan's View
Van Hohenheim is the Elric brothers' estranged father with a keen knowledge of alchemy. He abandoned the brothers and his wife Trisha Elric several years before the start of the series. It is later revealed that Hohenheim is several centuries old, his blood having been used to create the original Homunculus. The Homunculus, known as father, sacrificed an entire kingdom to create the Philospher's Stone, granting both himself and Van Honhenheim functional immortality.

Construction Notes:
When I made this it was only my third cosplay costume; at the time only the original anime series had come out and so I made the version based off of that. I bought a trench coat, dress pants, and shoes, and made his scarf out of a white muslin fabric I had laying around. In 2006 my real hair had actually grown out long enough to resemble Hohenheim's ponytail look, though my beard was not as full as his so I filled it in with fake hair glued on with spirit gum. During my original run of wearing this costume, I made a small, LED-powered wrist light which would shine out of my sleeve and create the illusion my hands were performing alchemy. The wrist light had a palm activation button which connected to a 9 volt battery pack I constructed along the edge of a plastic wristband. It was only really effective in low light, and I never got any good photos of it in action. This costume no longer exists, but I'd like to remake Hohenheim wearing the suit he sports in the Brotherhood anime series.

Photoshoot Pics: