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Costumes Worn:
Midnight Rose, Original Design
Chibiusa Tsukino, Sailor Moon SuperS
Rinoa Heartilly, Amano Artwork
Ravenclaw Student, Harry Potter
Masquerade: "Super Senshi"
Best Advanced Craftsmanship
Convention Photos:

Bakuretsu Con is a small, low-key anime convention held each autumn near Burlington, Vermont at the Hampton Inn and Conference Center in Colchester.

Convention Overview:
Now in its sixth year, Bakuretsu Con remains a tiny event, mostly due to its out-of-the-way location near Lake Champlain. Despite its low attendance, the convention works hard to provide a variety of panels, events, and activities, and staffers can often be found running around during the weekend convincing attendees to sign up for events like the Dating Game. The small event also gave attendees up-close-and personal access to guests, who included voice actress Tiffany Grant, artist Steve Bennet, and the Comiku Girls. Finally, the Hampton Innís free breakfast buffets were a welcome sight each morning, and the key-card issue which plagued many last year was thankfully resolved. Despite some disorganization, including masquerade organizers who could not locate their judges, the convention is a fun time if youíre in the area.

Personal Thoughts:
Although Bakuretsu Con is not particularly worth a long it is the one time everyone has an excuse to come up and visit me near grad school. I drove up Friday afternoon and arrived just in time to change into Midnight Rose and attend the Japanese Tea Ceremony run by the Comiku Girls. They guided several volunteers through the ceremony, pausing to explain the symbolism or purpose behind each aspect. It was fascinating, though the tea was a shocking lime green color. Despite the toxic look, the tea was delicious. Unfortunately, one obnoxious attendee continuously interrupted the panelists, though to their credit they handled him well. I met up with the rest of my friends, and we gathered around a table in Artist's Alley to hang out until the dance was set up and we poured in. It went really well for a few songs, but then the next track played was voices talking, after that the level-up fanfare from Final Fantasy (not remixed), and finally the theme song from Tetris! Attendees were lining the walls, unsure what to do, and nobody was dancing to this terrible music. In a last-ditch effort we handed the DJ CDs from our car, and when he played them, attendees packed the floor cutting a rugÖ until a con staffer reprimanded the DJ and reminded him he was only allowed to play Japanese anime or game music. WTF. This had not been true last year, but the Bakuretsu Con staff was adamant that the dance remain completely anime-related. This is silly; the dance is a way to socialize with other attendees at the end of the day, rather than just another Japanese-related event. Sure, con dances include J-Pop songs and remixed anime and game themes, but the majority of that stuff isn't danceable and isn't FUN. It wasn't the Bakuretsu Con's DJ's fault, but the staff needs to realize that dances need dance music, or no one is going to dance.

Saturday morning I changed into Super Sailor Chibimoon while Starlightslk got into her Super Sailor Moon costume. She suggested we do a walk-on in the masquerade, so we quickly edited together some music and headed downstairs to sign up for judging. There was some confusion between the masquerade coordinator and her judges, but we finally we had a nice session, explaining our construction techniques while the judges took extensive notes and asked good questions. Afterwards, Crazy Flower was kind enough to do a quick photoshoot with us, though it was chilly outside in Senshi fukus! That afternoon we hit up the Chibi Project panel, co-hosted by PatD and Jekka. Starlightslk and I got to do the introduction to the live podcast as Sailor Moon and Chibimoon, and got front row seats for the episode's experiment: destroying a Clow Wand from Cardcaptor Sakura. Jekka had made a Sakura costume just for the event, and proceeded to smash the living daylights out of the Clow Wand, much to the delight of the audience.

That evening we lined up for the masquerade; at most masquerades, the performers get to sit while the attendees have to wait in an obnoxious line. Bakuretu Conís masquerade is the opposite; the attendees are quickly seated using a fantastic ticket system to avoid waiting, while the participants wait their turn standing in the hallway. Costumes are often uncomfortable and being stuck outside meant we missed the entire show until our number was up. Although I applaud the ticket system, Bakretsuís staff need to find a better place to seat performers. Finally we did our walk-on and Lindsay and Steve closed the show strutting to ďIím Too Sexy.Ē Starlightslk and I won Best Advanced Craftsmanship, while Steve and Lindsay won Best Presentation. That night we attended Anime Unscripted, which had Tiffany Grant and Steve Bennet as actors. Steve and I were chosen for Party Quirks, where Steve was supposed to be an inept ninja, Tiffany was Vic Mignogna, and I was trapped in a role-playing game. I entered saying "Hello, Iím [insert name here]," and Steve attacked me in an inept wrestling move which could be construed as slightly sexual. I replied, ďI donít think Iíve learned this ability yet.Ē The crowd died with laughter, which made for a perfect set up for Tiffany entering as the infamous Vic. You can watch the entire sketch HERE.

Sunday Starlightslk wore her Haruhi bunny outfit from The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya, and I did a shoot of her playing Guitar Hero in the game room. She returned the favor by getting some awesome pics of my Amano Rinoa costume outside with the fall foliage. I then changed into my more comfy Ravenclaw robes to hit up the Dating Game before rounding up the crew and ending the weekend with pizza and an awesome round of Mini Golf at Pizza Putt. Another enjoyable weekend, where good friends made the trip worthwhile.