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We're Sketch and Shiva, and this is our personal cosplay portfolio. Here you will find photos and descriptions of our costumes, convention and event reports, performance and music videos, and tutorials from the podcast we work on, AnimeCons TV. This site is updated a few times a year; for more real-time updates, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


January 1st, 2021: Welcome to SketchandShiva.com!
Welcome back! You may have noticed some changes around here at the site formerly known as Diamond Dust Cosplay. Sketch and I both began cosplaying separately (me in 2003, him in 2004), however since becoming friends in 2006 and a cosplaying couple in 2010, we have come to share all aspects of our cosplay lives. We work on costume projects together, go to cons together, perform together, judge masquerades together, host panels together, and work on AnimeConsTV together; while we may be individuals in life, when it comes to cosplay, we no longer have much reason to separate our cosplay personas. As a married cosplay team who are also full-time parents with full-time real-life jobs, we also decided it was becoming too much effort to maintain separate cosplay portfolios and social media accounts. As a simple solution, we decided to merge our cosplay activities under Sketch and Shiva Cosplay. We are starting with this site, which had already become home to Sketch's costumes in addition to my own and our shared adventures. Also the site's old name, Diamond Dust Cosplay, was a relic from 2006 when cosplayers didn't use their cosplay names for their website names, but rather stuck with a related theme. It was a thing, I swear. In any case, I am still Shiva, Sketch is still Sketch, but now you will hear from both us on the same website, and soon to be merged social media sites. Here's to another decade of cosplay adventures! - Shiva

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